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UK - Manchester - Ardwick - Branch

By: Kevin Statham


Samuel Statham

... our Great Great Great Great Great Great Granddad

Date of Birth c 1719 Spouse
Place of Birth Ardwick (Manchester) Child #1
Date of Death
Place of Death
Father's Name
Mother's Name

Samuel and Ann were married on 2nd September 1770
All the information here has been extracted from records submitted by an LDS
member to the International Genealogical Index.

And, as at March 2008, that's as far back as we go.
One more "great grandparent" would have taken us back to the 1600's
(..or...the 15th Century sounds even better!)


Samuel was born in the reign of King George I
George I of Great Britain (George Louis; German) born 1660 (King between 1714 / 1727) died 1727