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UK - SALFORD branch

By: Kevin Statham


Frederick Statham

... our Great Granddad

Date of Birth 4th July 1866 Spouse
Place of Birth 16 Tonge St. Ardwick Child #1
Date of Death Child #2
Place of Death Child #3 Harry Statham
Child #4 Nellie Statham
Father's Name Child #5 Minnie Statham
Mother's Name Child #6 Arthur Statham
Sister's Name #1
Sister's Name #2
Brother's Name #1
Sister's Name #3
Brother's Name #2
Brother's Name #3
Sister's Name #4
Brother's Name #4
Brother's Name #5


In the 1871 census taken on the night of 2nd April, we can see Frederick as a 4 year old. Then in 1881, now 14 years old and the family have moved house and he's already working as a "mechanical Slider" Another 10 years to the 1891 census and we find him head of a new household, married to Annie Arundel and with a 2 years old Elsie and new baby George. 1901 and Elsie is stopping with her Grandparents. Two new additions Harry (our Grandad) aged 3yrs and Nellie, just 3 months. 1911 sees a new sister Minnie and a new brother Arthur, born in 1910.


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